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About Jewish Traveling

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It intrigues me how the Jewish People could live in all parts of the world and keep up a fulfilling Jewish life irrespective of the local conditions. Jews journeyed and traveled to nearly every spot on Earth. Usually willingly, sometimes not. But they remained steadfast Jews – when they chose to do so.

Some places are more challenging to the Jewish Lifestyle than others. There isn’t a synagogue or Minyan (yet) at every GPS co├Ârdinate. There definitely isn’t a Mikva in most cities. One might have to keep a simpler diet to meet the Kosher requirements. Keeping the Sabbath could mean staying in your hotel room all day.

Jewish Travel is one of my favorite topics. In the course of more than 25 years of community service in Israel and Europe I’ve advised many people on the issues of Traveling Jewish-ly  – in the military community and the civilian world.

My assumption is that with a bit of guidance, a Jew can be faithful to his or her Beliefs & Traditions on any point of the globe. JewishTraveling.com is for the Jew on the Go. If you want to keep your Jewish identity on the road, this website will show you HOW. JewishTraveling.com is a light yet comprehensive step-by-step guide to handling the challenges of travel within the sphere of Jewish Law & Tradition. I’ll share my thoughts, ideas and musings about Jewish Travel.  For the Jewish flashpacker, backpacker, vagabond or occasional tourist. Even for the couch traveler.

For your next trip out-of-town, check us out…and if there’s a topic you’d like me to discuss, please write to me.

Have a safe trip !!

David Levine

Connecting Travel & Jewish Living

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