A Car Mezuzah and Good Luck

Car Mezuzahs

Have you ever heard of a Car Mezuzah?

Car MezuzahWhen I saw this picture my mind went totally blank. A Car Mezuzah? What’s that? Is it for real???? I started thinking that maybe I’m forgetting an important Law in the contemporary Rabbinical writings. Or maybe this is a modern form of Jewish voodoo…

I researched where its sold and to my astonishment, one hundred and seventy-eight (178) Car Mezuzahs were sold on eBay in the past 3 months!

For example, here’s the description of an “Oriental Car Mezuzah with Hamsa – against evil eye” selling for $5.00:

If you are looking for protection symbols to keep in your car as you drive, you will love this small compact car mezuzah. Made of silver plate Zamac metal, it has a fine filigree design that includes the “shin” letter, a Hamsa hand and a blue stone. Alongside is a short prayer of protection. Place it your car wherever you wish. Or attach the mezuzah to a surface with the double adhesive tape provided. A made in Israel product.

I checked out the Halachah and as suspected – there is absolutely no need to put a Mezuzah in your car. Mezuzahs are only for places you live in (or work in), not for a temporary form of transportation.

 Winnebago & Mezuzahs

Of course If you own a Winnebago GrandTour MotorHome costing $500000 (see link to get an idea what you’re missing all these years), then you probably need a Mezuzah. But a regular car? Absolutely not.

Although there’s no religious reason to do so, I can understand those who like to put it in their car as a way of reminding themselves of their Jewish identity. Better that then a picture of a Hollywood star. It’s a sweet idea but I seriously doubt how effective it’ll be. Just like people who put a Tehillim or the Book of Raziel HaMalach in the glove compartment. Not that they actually read from the books, but as a Jewish symbol to make them feel good.

It reminds me though, of an Israeli soccer player who put a small Tehillim in his sock for good luck when he played a game on Shabbat…

Lamborghini & Mezuzahs

And that reminds me of the story about the Mezuzah and the Lamborghini.

Shabbat Shalom!

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    1. Hi, there are a lot of fascinating Jewish Cultural behaviors which aren’t necessarily rooted in Jewish Law.

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