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How to Enjoy non-Kosher Food

Enjoy non-Kosher FoodOne of the things that really fascinates me about Italy is the food. I discovered that eating Italian isn’t only about pasta and spaghetti, pizza, tomato sauce and olive oil. There’s a huge repertoire of beautiful and (I assume) delicious foods and tastes. Continue reading How to Enjoy non-Kosher Food

Tunnel Vision in Venice

Have you ever been so spellbound by a scene that everything else in your surroundings totally disappears? Something like Tunnel Vision? That’s what happened to us when we stepped foot in the old city of Venice, Italy last Tuesday.

A Sense of Direction

Tunnel Vision

In general I have a lousy sense of direction.  I’ve lost my way in every city I’ve been. In fact I even landed up in the wrong country once…while driving between cities in Holland I took the wrong turn and crossed the border into Germany… 🙄 In the end I usually get to my destination B”H; after all I wrote this post from home and not lost in Europe… 🙂 Continue reading Tunnel Vision in Venice

Cuban Jewish Heritage

Cubanidad (Cuban identity)

Cuban Jewish HeritageWhen I think of Cuba, the largest island of the Caribbean sea, a lot of ideas come to mind.  I can picture a repressive communist regime run for decades with an iron fist by the dictator Fidel Castro,  the Bay of Pigs fiasco, the Cuban Missile Crisis and Marxist revolutionaries like Che Guevara.  I can also imagine the Havana cigars, endless tropical Caribbean beaches with exotic drinks and pulsating music. The idea of a “Cuban Jewish Heritage” for some reason didn’t fit into that complex scene. Continue reading Cuban Jewish Heritage