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Is the One Bag Solution Good For Jews?

Jewish One Bag Solution

A while back I wrote about the OneBag.com website and the one bag solution, showing how to pack light without checking in your luggage (Life is a Journey – So Pack Light). It occurred to me at the time that however you try to minimize your belongings, there are a few items that an observant Jew just has to take with. These items naturally take up precious space and you end off forgoing other vital items to avoid a second bag.

One Bag SolutionIt’s not only a Tallis & Tefillin (or a snood/hat/wig), but also some emergency Kosher food, a Siddur (if you intend to pray on the way without a Minyan), a few basic cooking implements (if there aren’t any Kosher stores on the way) and so forth. If you’re planning on being in the backwaters of Jewish life over Rosh Hashanah, then you’ll need also a Shofar and a Machzor too. If you travel on Succos then you need 4 Minim (and maybe a portable Succah). If you are in transit on Channukah then you need to light candles. One mustn’t forget a regular Shabbos with Challa, wine, a Bentcher and Havdoloh implements. Continue reading Is the One Bag Solution Good For Jews?